Waste sorting plant

The Oulu waste sorting plant processes 80,000 tonnes of waste annually.

Oulu sorting plant key figures:


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How the waste sorting plant operates

We accept 100,000 tonnes of waste annually at the waste sorting plant located in Rusko, Oulu. We sort construction and demolition waste, as well as commercial and industrial waste.

We customise waste reception and treatment for each product in order to reach the highest possible recycling and recovery rate.

Jätteiden lajittelulaitoksella operaattori kävelee ja tarkkailee linjastoa.

Separation of materials using modern technology

After waste reception, it is pre-sorted by subcontractor Pohjaset Recycling Oy using material sorting machines. Even at this stage, the aim is to recover many fractions. 

Most of the waste is fed into the waste sorting plant, which runs around the clock on weekdays. The sorting plant has been in production use since 2021. 

Kaksi Syklon työntekijää kävelevät Ruskon lajittelukeskuksessa.

The fractions on the production line are sorted during many stages

The sorting plant has 20 sorter machines and 40 conveyors. After the waste has been pre-sorted, it is fed into processing and crushed. 

At the beginning of the processing, the waste is divided into three different conveyors depending on its size. We separate magnetic metals using magnets and non-magnetic metals using eddy current separators. 

We use wind sifters to separate light pieces from heavy ones. We use optical sorters and infrared to sort recycled wood and plastics, for example. In addition, the sorting process also creates Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF).

Recycling material to be reused 

The fractions that are created during the sorting process continue their journey to our partners, where they are used to make new products, among other things. Some of the sorted material ends up as raw material for industry, for example.

SRF replaces fossil fuel and is used for the production of electricity and district heating in the Oulu region.

Syklo waste sorting.

More efficient waste sorting in the future

Together with its partners, Syklo is exploring more efficient ways to sort waste and increase the rate of recycling. We are constantly striving for better usability and are further developing processing. The sorting plant is designed to be expanded and new technology can easily be integrated into the plant in the future.

The aim is to promote the circular economy as a whole and to minimise throwaway culture. Syklo is headed toward expanding its operations both nationally and internationally.

Syklon jätteiden lajittelulaitos ylhäältä kuvattuna.

Reception of individual recycled fractions at the sorting plant

We also accept individual fractions at the Rusko sorting plant, such as plasterboard, roofing felt, HDPE pipes, and plastic and agricultural stretch films.

These fractions do not go through the production line, but are processed separately and continue their journeys to our partners after sorting. Learn about the fractions we accept and bring us the material for reuse and recycling.

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