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Human-sized solutions for world-class problems.

The sustainability and key figures for 2023



75 249

The amount of waste received

89 649

The amount of produced waste fractions

133 372

The amount of waste delivered to the eco power plant

Oulun jätteiden lajittelulaitos.

Oulu waste sorting plant

We accept 100,000 tonnes of waste annually at the waste sorting plant located in Rusko, Oulu. We sort construction and demolition waste, as well as commercial and industrial waste.

Ihminen seisoo ylpenä ohjaamansa jätekuormaajan vierellä,

Hyvinkää circular economy hub

As of 9 January 2024, the Hyvinkää circular economy hub has been a subsidiary of Syklo Oy, whose operations include the reception and further processing of waste materials together with its partners in the region.

Syklo – kestävä kasvu. Lapsi juoksee kohti tuulivoimalaa kädet levitettynä.

Human-sized solutions for world-class problems

We believe that the circular economy belongs to everyone. We offer our customers easily accessible tools for becoming part of the great cycle of the circular economy. We help our customers create the best practices for the treatment and logistics of waste and material streams.

We at Syklo believe that we can make the future better through our actions. We are constantly developing our expertise and monitoring the latest trends in the circular economy to expedite our journey towards a more sustainable future. We guide our customers towards more sustainable growth and a cleaner future.

Syklo waste sorting plant.

Syklo is a pioneer of the circular economy

Syklo offers an excellent basis for the development of new circular economy solutions; our state-of-the-art sorting plant in Rusko currently treats 100,000 tonnes of waste per year. The plant sorts waste for recyclable raw materials as well as Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). Oulun Energia’s ecopower plant transforms municipal waste into sustainably produced energy. Moving forwards, we will be able to recover waste even more efficiently.

We plan to invest heavily in new circular economy solutions and the growth of the entire sector. We are actively seeking partners and new skills, both in Finland and internationally. Our goal is to offer an extensive and comprehensive service network with our partners.

Syklo's culture.

Culture and environmental handprint

Syklo is a fair and diverse organisation. Our key values include humanity, an entrepreneurial spirit, courage, and cleverness. We want to be a meaningful employer whose business operations offer the heroes of circular economy the chance to truly make a difference.

We let everyone be themselves and harness their expertise and passion into practical work in an organisation with excellent leadership. We challenge ourselves and our partners to engage in inclusive teamwork across traditional corporate and organisational hierarchies. Our operations are characterised by joy, hope, and capacity for better and the desire to do good.

Our entire value chain is guided by sustainability. We are reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the use of virgin materials and replacing fossil fuels by developing bio- and waste-based alternatives. We want to significantly increase the recycling rate of resources and raw materials by directing waste towards recovery and reuse, as well as by refining waste into new materials and products.

Annual Review and Sustainability 2023

We review our finances and our sustainability efforts as part of Oulun Energia’s Annual Review and Sustainability 2023 report.

During 2023, we focused on developing circular economy innovations, improving the rate of recycling, and identifying potential acquisitions and partnerships. And we did find significant new partners in other regions. The rate of recycling for materials we process increased to 7 per cent.

2023 was our first full calendar year and 12-month fiscal year. Our company’s net sales amounted to approximately 21 million euros, which was slightly below the target. This is explained by the reduced amount of waste received. As in the previous year, we maintained a positive operating profit.

You can read the full report and Syklo’s share on pages 26–28.

The Miljöö Innovation Grant

Through the Miljöö Innovation Grant, we are involved in financing the development of innovations and projects that improve our living environment. The grant is open to applications once a year. The next application period is 1 August to 30 September, 2024.

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