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Individual waste fractions

We accept and process individual fractions such as large plastic pipes, agricultural plastics, plastic film, and plasterboard.

Plastic pipes, rigid plastics, plaster, wool, and other recyclable fractions

Learn about the individual recycled fractions that you can bring to Syklo’s waste sorting plant for recycling and recovery. We accept plasterboards, roofing felt, and challengig fractions such as glass wool, wool, and glass fibre. Learn more about the fractions below!

Recycled plastic pipe.

Plastic pipes and rigid plastics

We accept mixed shipments of HDPE, PVC-, and PP plastic pipes, of pure quality or containing a minimal amount of impurities, from waste companies. As a general rule, plastic pipes must be identifiable.

Recycled agricultural plastic.

Agricultural plastics and plastic film

We accept mixed shipments of HDPE (High-density polyethylene) and LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) agricultural plastics and comparable plastic film of pure quality or containing a minimal amount of impurities.

Recycled roofing felt.

Bitumen and roofing felt

Syklo accepts bitumen waste, that is, roofing felt, from demolition, renovation, and construction companies and waste management companies throughout Finland.

There should not be any wood attached to the roofing felt, but small fastenings such as nails and screws do not affect the quality of the bitumen to be recycled. Bitumen continues its journey from us to our partners.

Reception of recycled plaster.

Gypsum and plasterboard

We accept clean gypsum and plasterboard. The plaster can contain small fixings but cannot include, for example, any tiles.

Gypsum separated at our plant continues its journey to our partner, which uses it as raw material for Gyproc boards, among other things.

Recycled glass wool.

Glass and mineral wool

You can ask us about the recycling solutions and reception of insulation wool.

Special treatment of challenging fractions.

Special treatment of challenging fractions

You can also contact us about accepting and further processing the following:

• large glass fibre pieces
• various grades of glass fractions

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