Syklo’s plastic recycling plant

The plant, which is to be completed in 2025, will increase Finland’s plastic recycling capacity by up to 50 per cent

Key figures for the plastic recycling plant:


amount of plastic treated annually


annual goal of greenhouse gas emissions saved

per cent

Finland’s plastic recycling capacity growth


annual savings for the Finnish national economy

Syklo - jätteiden vastaanotto

Syklo’s plastic recycling plant

We are planning to build the largest plastic recycling plant in Finland as part of the Hyvinkää circular economy hub. The plastic recycling plant, which will have a capacity of 50,000 tonnes, will increase Finland’s plastic recycling capacity by up to 50 per cent. The plastic recycling plant is scheduled to start operation in the autumn of 2025. The project’s strategic partner is the Scottish Impact Recycling.

The technology used by the plastic recycling plant will enable the separation and recycling of plastics from waste streams that currently end up at the incinerator. Plastics recycled at the plant include mixed hard plastics, mixed plastic film fractions from commercial and industrial sectors, and mixed plastic streams separated at waste sorting plants.

Our plastic recycling plant will have closed water circulation, which means that the plant will not generate wastewater. This solution enables us to prevent microplastics from the plastic recycling process from ending up in waterways.


Recycled granulated plastic as the final product

As the final product of the recycling process, our plant produces high-quality recycled granulated plastic as a raw material for the plastic product industry.

Interested in using recycled granulated plastic?

Hyvinkään kiertotalouskeskittymä.

Reception of recycled plastic in Hyvinkää

We are already accepting recycled plastics of different qualities from our corporate customers for the future plastic recycling plant.

Interested in recycling plastic streams?

Environmental and economic impacts of the plastic recycling plant

When completed, our plant will enable annual savings of up to 25 million euros for the Finnish national economy as a result of the reduction in the EU Plastic Tax. The savings are based on a significant increase in the recycling capacity of low-quality plastic streams.

When completed, our plastic recycling plant will reduce Finland’s estimated greenhouse gas emissions by up to 160,000 tonnes (CO2eq) annually if all the plastic recycled by the plant comes out of being incinerated.

Through this project, we are aiming to accelerate the creation of a sustainable circular economy in the value chain of plastic products and strengthen Finland’s position as a pioneer in the circular economy.

Tarkka jätteiden lajittelu. Kaksi Syklon työntekijää tutkii NIR-laitetta.

Impact Recycling technology

The plastic sorting technology used in our plastic recycling plant is an innovation developed by the Scottish plastic recycling company Impact Recycling.

The process utilises two different patented technologies, one of which makes it possible to separate different qualities of plastic with very small density differences during the recycling process. Separation based on density differences also allows the recycling of black plastics that were previously difficult to recycle. At the same time, the technology enables the production of a significantly better quality final product.

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