Elle Niemistö, production manager of Syklo Oy.

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Syklo Managing Director Teemu Koskela

Teemu Koskela

Managing Director

+358 50 400 8721


Eero Martikainen Syklo Oy.

Eero Martikainen

Growth Partnership Manager
Strategic partnerships and new business operations

+358 50 431 3985


Petteri Asikainen Syklon Head of Technology.

Petteri Asikainen

Head of Technology
Hyvinkää Plastic Recycling Plant
Recycling technologies and process development

+358 40 610 4530


Antti Mattila Product engineer at Syklo.

Antti Mattila

Project Manager
Oulu sorting plant
Technological investment projects

+358 40 526 1236


Lassi Starck Syklo Oy.

Lassi Starck

Expansion Project Coordinator
Analysis of expansion projects, innovations

+358 40 137 1315


Waste reception and processing

Mikko Kokkonen Syklo Oy.

Mikko Kokkonen

Chief Operating Officer
Sorting and treatment business operations

+358 50 385 9045


Syklo Circular Economy Manager Heikki Harju-Autti

Heikki Harju-Autti

Circular Economy Manager
Customer relationships and cooperation, waste procurement

+358 44 703 3610


Elle Niemistö Syklo Product manager.

Elle Niemistö

Production Manager
Production and development of the Oulu sorting plant

+358 40 686 2933


Mikko Vanhala Syklo Oy.

Mikko Vanhala

Production Development Engineer
Maintenance and development of the Oulu sorting plant

+358 50 401 7460


Invoicing and customer service

A smiling green lamp with leaves around it like rays of light.

Krista Paaso

Mobile app and invoicing
Oulu sorting plant
Invoices and deliveries, mobile app

+358 40 657 5213


Eila Kurki Syklo Oy.

Eila Kurki

Office Manager
Hyvinkää circular economy hub
Customer service and invoicing

+358 040 556 9496


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    Syklo Oulu office.


    Nahkatehtaankatu 2,
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    050 40 08721

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    00100 Helsinki
    050 40 08721

    Syklo Helsinki office.

    Waste reception

    Oulu waste sorting plant
    Ruskonseläntie 21, 
    90620 Oulu

    Hyvinkää circular economy hub
    Kerkkolankatu 40,
    05800 Hyvinkää