Recycling plastic pipes

We recycle old plastic pipes and hard plastics!

Sinunen muoviputki syklon lajittelulaitoksella.

Plastic pipes and hard plastic as a mixed shipment

We accept mixed shipments of HDPE, PVC-, and PP plastic pipes, of pure quality or containing a minimal amount of impurities, from waste companies. As a general rule, plastic pipes must be identifiable. The pipes can be delivered in mixed shipments.

We always assess the quality of the fractions for each load. We separate the plastic pipes that are clean enough for further processing from the load, which then continue their journey to their recycling routes for further processing, into new plastic, for example.

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)

HDPE plastic pipes include different water pipes, water supply pipes, and gas pipes used in construction.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

PVC pipes include brown and grey plastic pipes, such as sewer pipes and water mains.

PP (Polypropylene)

PP plastic pipes are used in construction. PP plastic pipes are common in heating systems, underfloor heating, and fuel treatment, among other things.

District heating pipes

District heating pipes and other dual containment pipes with a polyurethane casing around the steel pipe. The pipes can be delivered as is.

Muoviputkien vastaanotto Syklo. Jätteiden lajittelulaitos ylhäältä kuvattuna.

Reception of plastic pipes

  1. Contact us about a batch of plastic pipes using the form below.
  2. We will first agree on the pricing and reception time of the batch with you.
  3. After contacting us, bring the load of plastic pipes to be recycled to Syklo’s waste sorting plant in Rusko, Oulu. Address: Ruskonseläntie 21, 90620 Oulu.
  4. Please note: We only accept plastic pipes from corporate clients in the waste industry.

Keltainen muoviputki kierrätysmuoviputkien joukossa.

Instructions for recycling plastic pipes

  • The quality of plastic pipes must be identifiable.
  • There should not be any other material, such as soil or concrete, attached to the plastic pipes.
  • The pipes can be delivered in mixed shipments, for example, on your own pallet.
  • The pipes must be in good enough condition for handling.
Suuria kierrätysmuoviputkia kasassa.

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Old hard plastic soil pipes and other hard plastics used in earthworks gain a new life when treated by Syklo.

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