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Waste reception and processing

We receive waste shipments from corporate customers. The waste we receive is mainly construction and demolition waste, as well as commercial, industrial, and combustible waste.

We receive and process 100,000 tonnes of waste from corporate customers annually at our waste sorting plant in Oulu. The waste shipments we receive are mainly composed of construction and demolition waste, as well as commercial, industrial, and combustible waste.

We are currently developing operations at the Hyvinkää circular economy hub by customising waste reception and processing for each product in order to reach the highest possible recycling and recovery rate.

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Construction and demolition waste, commercial, industrial, and combustible waste

Construction and demolition waste and commercial, industrial, and combustible waste is processed to separate out high-quality fractions to be used as secondary raw materials, among other things.

The separated materials of consistent grades continue their journey to their next stations, to be recycled or as raw material for industry, for example. Syklo’s partners are responsible for the reuse of the material.

Companies receive a final report on the processing and recovery of the separately collected fractions.

From the waste stream, we separate: wood, fibres, metals, plastics and mineral fractions.

From the waste stream, we separate:

  • wood
  • fibres
  • metals
  • plastics
  • mineral fractions
Separation and utilisation of fibres.

Separation and utilisation of fibres

Different fibres, such as paper and cardboard, are recovered in different stages of the recycling process.

After separation, the fibre fractions are transported to various partners for recycling, to be made into new cardboard and paper products.

The remaining fibre unsuitable to be recycled is used to produce Solid Recovered Fuel.

Recovery of recyclable and demolition wood.

Recovery of recyclable and demolition wood

We utilise Grade A, B, and C recycled wood by making it into wood chips for Oulun Energia’s power plant to replace fossil and virgin fuels as energy sources.

We also accept recycled wood at customer collection points.

Syklo organises the crushing, transport, sampling, and quality control of the wood.

Separation and utilisation of metals.

Separation and utilisation of metals

We collect magnetic and non-magnetic metals at different stages of the treatment process.

The separation of metals is a mechanical process using separation technology. This combination ensures the best metal recovery rate.

The separated metals are transported to our partners for further processing as raw materials for new products.

Separation and utilisation of plastics.

Separation and utilisation of plastics

Plastics of various grades are separated from the waste stream using advanced identification technology.

Plastic grades suitable for re-use continue their journey through our partners for further processing, and the non-recyclable remainder is made into Solid Recovered Fuel.

We also accept plastic pipes and agricultural plastics, and comparable plastic film.

Read more about how plastic pipes are utilised here.

Solid Recovered Fuel.

Solid Recovered Fuel

Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) is also created during the sorting process. The Solid Recovered Fuel Syklo produces generally contains wood, various plastics, cardboard, and paper.

For the most part, recycled fuel is free of fossil carbon dioxide and has a high calorific value. This helps us to significantly reduce the use of virgin biomass and fossil fuels.

The Solid Recovered Fuel is transported to Oulun Energia’s biopower plant, where it is utilised for household electricity and heat production.

Reception of individual fractions.

Reception of individual fractions

We accept and process individual recycling fractions from corporate customers as well as difficult waste that has previously gone through mass incineration, for example.

We accept:

  • HDPE, PVC, and PP plastic pipes
  • agricultural plastics
  • plastic film
  • plasterboard and gypsum
  • roofing felt and other bitumen felt products
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