Recycling bitumen or roofing felt

Let’s change the world one recycled roofing felt at a time

Bitumin vastaanotto Syklpn lajttelulaitoksella.

Recycling and recovering bitumen or roofing felt

Syklo accepts bitumen waste, that is, roofing felt, from demolition, renovation, and construction companies and waste management companies throughout Finland.

Why recycle bitumen?

The construction industry uses bitumen as the main raw material for roofing felt, among other things. Roofing felts often end up in energy recovery because there have been a limited number of functional and economically viable recycling and reuse solutions available.

Syklo takes care of the reception of bitumen, roofing felt, at its Rusko waste sorting plant and transports it onwards it to its partner Revisol for the reuse and further processing of the material.

Bitumin vastaanotto Syklon jätteiden lajittelulaitoksella.

Reception of recycled bitumen

  1. Contact us about a batch of bitumen.
  2. We will first agree on the pricing and reception time of the batch with you.
  3. After contacting us, bring the load of bitumen to be recycled to Syklo’s waste sorting plant in Rusko, Oulu. Address: Ruskonseläntie 21, 90620 Oulu.
  4. Please note: We only accept
    bitumen or roofing felt from corporate clients.
Kierrätetty kattohuopa isossa kasassa lajittelulaitoksella.

Instructions for recycling roofing felt

  • No wood should be attached to the roofing felt.
  • There may be small amounts of other construction materials attached to the roofing felt.
  • Small fastenings such as nails and screws do not affect the quality of the bitumen to be recycled.
  • The roofing felt must be transported to the sorting plant in a way that it can be weighed. This can be done, for example, by packing the roofing felt to be sorted onto individual pallets or by transporting it as a separate load.

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