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Circular economy services and products

We help our customers on their journey towards the circular economy.

We offer

Recovered and recycled materials.

Recovered and recycled materials

Providing materials to be used as industrial raw materials or as fuel in energy production.

Circular economy services.

Circular economy services

Offering sorting and recycling services for construction, commercial, and industrial waste.

Partnerships and new solutions.

Partnerships and new solutions

Accelerating the transition into circular economy through partnerships,
holdings, networks, and consortiums.

Syklo waste sorting plant.

Waste reception and treatment

We offer our corporate customers customised waste reception services, maximising overall efficiency and environmental friendliness. The waste is treated at the Rusko sorting plant in Oulu.

Accepted loads of waste:

  • construction and demolition waste
  • commercial and industrial waste
  • combustible waste
Syklo waste sorting.

Reception of individual fractions

We customice the reception and treatment of individual recycling fractions to each of our corporate customers.

Accepted individual recycling fractions:

  • plasterboard and gypsum
  • large HDPE, PVC, and PP plastic pipes
  • agricultural plastics such as agricultural stretch films and silage wrap, and comparable plastic film
  • Bitumen or roofing felt
Forrest and mist.

Recovery of ashes

Ashes are utilised in forest fertilisation and earthworks. We are also studying the possibility of using ash to replace cement as well as how it can be utilised to reduce the carbon emissions of construction.

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Digital solutions

Our digital solutions help to optimise and control waste streams.
We optimise the order-supply chain to minimise the carbon footprint and time consumption of logistics.

Construction site.

Closing the cycles of construction materials

Syklo is one of the largest recipients of construction and demolition waste in Finland. Our technologically high-quality sorting plant enables a high recovery rate and a cost-efficient package solution.

Moving forward, we want to further enhance the cycles of construction and demolition waste by producing new, innovative circular economy solutions in cooperation with our network of partners. We are studying the opportunities of refining construction and demolition waste as extensively as possible into raw materials for various fields of industry.

Biostream and mist.

From biostreams to new products

We use biomasses and scraps to create new, innovative products. We are developing the possibility to use ashes to replace cement, as cement alone accounts for up to 7% of the greenhouse gas emissions.​

We are also examining the possibilities of using organic municipal waste in gasification and the manufacture of fuel. In terms of wood fibres, we also acknowledge the possibilities provided by biochar, bioethanol, and lignin.

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Join the circular economy revolution

Syklo is committed to long-term cooperation and challenges its partners to innovate new solutions for increasing the circular economy rate of our customers. In practice, this can translate to optimising the value chain, working together on plant investments, or engaging in strategic cooperation arrangements.

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