Recycling agricultural plastics

We recycle also plastic films and agricultural stretch films

Korppi pitää suussaan timanttia ja seisoo jätekasan päällä. Maatalousmuovin kierrätys.

Recycling and reception of agricultural plastics from waste companies

We accept mixed shipments of HDPE (High-density polyethylene) and LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) agricultural plastics and comparable plastic films and agricultural stretch films of pure or impure quality from waste companies. We do not have our own collection/logistics service.

The quality and price of each batch of plastic are mainly determined by the purity of the plastic. If there is any netting attached to the plastic or they contain a high level of contaminants, we will determine the quality and price of the plastic batch on a case-by-case basis.

All recyclable agricultural plastics and plastic films and agricultural stretch films continue their journeys to recycling into new plastic products. Any part that is non-recyclable is made into Solid Recovered Fuel, which is used, for example, for the production of electricity and heat at Oulun Energia’s biopower plant.

Maatalousmuovin kierrätys ja vastaanotto Syklossa. Syklon jätteiden lajittelulaitos ilmasta kuvattuna.

Reception of agricultural plastics

  1. Contact us about a batch of agricultural plastics using the form below.
  2. We will first agree on the pricing and reception time of the batch with you.
  3. After contacting us, bring the batch to Syklo’s waste sorting plant in Rusko, Oulu. Address: Ruskonseläntie 21, 90620 Oulu.
  4. Please note: We only accept agricultural plastics from corporate clients in the waste industry.

Maatalousmuovin kierrätys Syklossa. Valkoisia kierrätettäviä kalvomuoveja kasassa.

Instructions for the recycling of agricultural plastics

  • Separate the agricultural plastic/plastic film and agricultural stretch film into their own separate shipment according to plastic type.
  • Separate the white plastic from the other colours; other colours may be mixed.
  • We price the batch according to the purity of the agricultural plastic.
  • The more impurities and contaminants a batch contains, the lower the price of the agricultural plastic.
  • There should not be any nets or strings attached.
Suuria kierrätysmuoviputkia kasassa.

Learn about recycling hard plastic and plastic pipes

Old hard plastic soil pipes and other hard plastics used in earthworks gain a new life when treated by Syklo.

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