Mobile app makes working at Syklo fast and easy

The Syklo Community mobile app is specifically designed to help drivers who work for waste transport services. With the app, working at the waste sorting plant is much faster, praises Kati Terho, a driver at Kempeleen Siirtokuljetus. With the help of Syklo Community, many work phases become easier. In fact, Terho uses the app every day. It is also quite useful for forwarding agents.

With Syklo Community, it is possible to report incoming waste loads in advance, to log weightings and to register all logging phases, for instance. Kati Terho says that for her, the app is most helpful with the load weightings.

“When you can register the information before even accessing the weigh, you have a lot less to do on the weigh and you can move on quicker. It makes weighing and tipping operations faster.”

When asked about how easy it is to work now, Terho thinks the difference is remarkable. Syklo’s app has made everything at the waste sorting plant quicker. For instance, when the weather is bad it is nice that the truck window doesn’t have to stay rolled down for long.

Straightforward and simple to use

According to Terho, working at the waste sorting plant becomes quicker and easier because the Syklo Community app is so easy to use.

“I think it’s incredibly simple to use. Really fast, very simple and straightforward. We use other similar weighing apps, too, but this is the simplest one, in a good way.”

Deploying Syklo Community was a breeze, too. Kempeleen Siirtokuljetus drivers tested the app and gave Syklo feedback on how to make it even more user-friendly. “When something notable came up, the app was updated quickly,” says Terho.

“The response to development suggestions was quite positive and swift. Amendments are usually always quickly implemented. All our development ideas have been received well.”

In the future, Terho hopes that the Syklo Community app becomes so advanced that all you have to do at the weigh is sign in and out using your phone. It would also be great if loads could be changed directly on the phone.

In everyday use

Currently, Kati Terho uses Syklo Community in her work several times a day.

“The app makes work so much faster that I absolutely recommend it,” she says.

The app is also quite useful for forwarding agents. The benefits have not gone unnoticed by Kempeleen Siirtokuljetus’ account manager Tommi Bergman who is responsible for the everyday logistics of the company’s waste transports. With Syklo Community, he can track the waste loads transported to Syklo and check if the quality of the loads matches the reports.

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