Recycling corporate waste at Syklo’s Hyvinkää branch

Syklo Oy will continue the operation of Suomen Energiamurske in the Hyvinkää circular economy hub and, as usual, will accept construction, commercial, and industry waste for circular economy needs.

“We are also seeking new partners, such as transport companies that have the ability to deliver waste fractions, as well as other circular economy partners,” says Laura Kemppainen, customer relations manager at Syklo.

The circular economy hub is located in Hyvinkää, in close proximity to good transportation connections. Its area of influence includes, for example, Riihimäki, Järvenpää, Mäntsälä, and Nurmijärvi, and the surrounding areas.

Laura Kemppainen emphasises that for its operations, the Hyvinkää circular economy hub needs new partners in addition to Suomen Energiamurske’s old customers.

“We accept waste material from almost all of southern Finland. Our central location enables reasonable transport distances for different waste materials. If a company has such material flows, we are absolutely interested in working together.”

Syklo processes construction waste and commercial and industrial waste at the premises of the Hyvinkää circular economy hub. Reception of materials is developed in response to customer needs, for example, by receiving hard plastic pipes. The fractions created during treatment are transported to our recycling and recovery partners. In the future, plastic will be recovered in a plastic recycling plant designed to be built on the same site.

“However, we cannot manage the circular economy alone in this area, we need more new partners. It is important to us to have a steady flow of recyclable waste, which allows us to further develop our operations. The aim is to reduce the incineration and energy recovery of waste, as it is important that the materials go into circulation again,” Kemppainen points out.

New ideas and innovative thoughts

Laura Kemppainen Syklo Oy:n asiakkuuspäällikkö vastaa Hyvinkään kiertotalouskeskittymän asiakkuuksista.

Syklo’s customer relations manager Laura Kemppainen

Laura Kemppainen hopes to bring the Hyvinkää circular economy hub not only partners, but also fresh ideas and innovative thoughts on promoting the circular economy through new partnerships.

“The world is full of great new ideas, and we need them. Our aim is to build a completely new circular economy for this country. We at the Hyvinkää circular economy hub have plenty of room to develop our operations and consider different solutions. Our vision is to be a large circular economy hub.”

If the invitation to join the Hyvinkää circular economy hub as a partner calls to you, you should contact Laura Kemppainen. “You can easily find our contact information on our website.”

The plastic recycling plant to open next year

Syklo Oy has planned to open the largest plastic recycling plant in Finland in 2025 at the Hyvinkää circular economy hub. The plastic recycling plant, which will have a capacity of 50,000 tonnes, will increase Finland’s plastic recycling capacity by up to 50 per cent.

With the help of revolutionary technology, the plant is able to separate mixed plastic fractions into plastics of different qualities to become high-quality raw materials for the plastic industry. The plant minimises its environmental impact by, for example, using a closed water circulation loop to prevent plastic emissions.

The plastic recycling plant’s strategic partner is the Scottish Impact Recycling.

The plastic recycling plant enables the Finnish national economy annual savings of 25 million euros.

“These are due to the reduction in the EU plastic waste charge and are based on a significant increase in recycling capacities for low-quality plastic streams,” Kemppainen explains.

More sets of hands for the circular economy boom

All of the previously described signifies the significant growth of the circular economy in the Hyvinkää region and more broadly nationwide. The effect the Hyvinkää circular economy hub has on employment is considerable.

“We currently employ about a dozen employees, including our partners. We need more sets of hands for our operations and to do practical work as we set out to build the plastic recycling plant and grow the company’s business operations,” Kemppainen calculates.

Recruitment for the processing plant is planned to begin in early 2025.

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