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Annual and Sustainability Report

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Sustainability and key figures 2023




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Highlights from 2023

We review our finances and our sustainability work as part of Oulun Energia’s Annual and Sustainability Report 2023. During 2023, we focused on four main themes:

  1. investments in growth through acquisitions and partnerships
  2. exploring new circular economy innovations
  3. keeping construction materials in circulation for as long as possible
  4. achieving the highest possible recycling rate for the materials we process
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We are investing in growth through acquisitions and partnerships

  1. Revenue and operating result: Our revenue amounted to approximately 21 million euros in 2023, slightly below the target. The operating result was slightly positive, although it was burdened not only by the reduced amount of waste, but also by important growth investments.
  2. Growth strategy and investments: We invested in growth by expanding our service area and establishing new partnerships nationally and internationally. The goal is to achieve a revenue of 50 million euros by 2025.
  3. New acquisitions and partnerships: We prepared and implemented acquisitions and established new partnerships. For example, we acquired Suomen Energiamurske Oy in early 2024. This acquired company has an environmental permit for the reception of waste volumes and significant partnerships with many different circular economy companies.
  4. Promoting the circular economy: We are looking for new partners through advanced technology and partnership opportunities that improve waste treatment, final product quality, and access to raw materials.

We are exploring new circular economy innovations

  1. Circular economy innovations: We explored several circular economy innovations related to material recycling and closing of cycles. This included, among other things, new ways to recycle plastic, looking into the possibilities for utilising alites, and monitoring digital solutions.
  2. Improvements to the sorting plant: We significantly improved the usability, reliability, and process safety of the Oulu sorting plant.
  3. Investments in new equipment: During 2024, we plan to invest in new sorting equipment, which will significantly improve the recycling rate of waste.
  4. Recruitment of key personnel: During 2023, we recruited several key personnel, including a head of technology, chief operating officer, and a growth partnership manager, which will help us accelerate the implementation of our growth strategy and technology development.
  5. The Board strengthened: Syklo’s Board of Directors was strengthened by two new members with international experience in the circular economy sector.
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We help to keep construction materials in circulation for as long as possible

  1. Recycling plasterboard: In 2023, we improved the recovery of plasterboard for recycling in its own sorting. Customers were offered the opportunity to deliver plasterboard as a separate fraction. The recycled plaster was delivered to our partner Saint-Gobain, which uses it in the production of Gyproc boards.
  2. Expansion of waste reception services: In spring 2023, we expanded our waste reception services to include plastic pipes, hard plastics, insulating wool, and other hard-to-dispose-of waste. In the past, a large proportion of plastic pipes were delivered to other parts of Europe for recycling or energy recovery. Now we sort, process, and send these materials on to our partners for further processing.
  3. Improving the recycling of plastic products: In the future, Syklo plans to further improve the recycling of plastic products. This requires, among other things, investments in new equipment and technologies that enable more efficient sorting and recycling of plastic waste. In addition, we need to cooperate with partners in the sector and we need strong commitment to sustainable development and the promotion of the circular economy.
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The recycling rate of the materials we treat increased

  1. Material treatment at the Rusko sorting plant: In 2023, the Rusko sorting plant treated various types of waste, including construction and demolition waste, as well as waste delivered by trade and industry. In addition, we procured small batches of recycled fuel free of pollutants from abroad.
  2. Waste directed to different applications: Of the treated waste, 7% was directed to material recycling, 13% to recovery, 59% to Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), and 21% to waste-to-energy. The amount of waste directed into material recycling increased significantly from the previous year through new partnerships.

Miljöö Innovation Grant

We are involved in financing the development of innovations and projects that improve our living environment through the Miljöö Innovation Grant. Applications are accepted once a year. The next application period is from 1 August to 30 September 2024.

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