2024 summer job at the Syklo waste sorting plant

Are you a skilled circular economy pioneer? Apply for a 2024 summer job and join Syklo’s team!

Are you looking for a summer job in 2024? We are looking for hard-working and motivated summer employees to join our team for about four months for a paid summer job. As a summer employee, you will quickly get to know the renewable energy and circular economy sector from the perspective of Syklo’s waste sorting plant.

What can we offer you?

We offer you new experiences and valuable lessons in a company that is one of the pioneers of the energy sector. You will have the opportunity to work in a responsible environment as part of a skilled and very nice work community.

Syklo is part of the Oulun Energia Group. As a part of our skilled and team-focused work community, you will be involved in building a better tomorrow alongside approximately 250 experts from Oulun Energia. We invest in well-being, a good spirit of doing, and the development of professional skills and knowledge. Our summer employees are entitled to extensive employee benefits such as comprehensive occupational health services, and lunch, exercise, and culture and well-being benefits.

What are we looking for in you?

You are the person we are looking for if you have relevant studies in environmental, mechanical, or process engineering. Previous experience in the waste management industry is not necessary, as you will receive thorough training for your duties. We value an honest, bold, and positive attitude, as well as good teamwork skills and initiative.

Learn more and submit your application by 31 January 2024!

Summer supervisor (2 vacancies)

As a summer supervisor, you’ll get to

  • Stand in for employees
  • Plan and organise maintenance and safety work
  • Participate in development
  • Maintain instructions
  • Survey spare parts
Työntekijät tutkivat nir-laitetta jätteiden lajittelulaitoksella.

Summer trainee (3 vacancies)

As a summer trainee, you’ll get to

  • Carry out a wide range of the plant’s operating and maintenance tasks
  • Together with your work partner, be responsible for the operation of the plant during the holiday season
  • Take part in mechanical maintenance during the maintenance reviews

Syklo is a pioneer of the circular economy

Syklo offers companies the most advanced waste reception, treatment, and further processing services on the market. Our sorting plant in Rusko, Oulu, processes 100,000 tonnes of waste annually.

From the waste, we separate the raw materials that are suitable for recycling and the Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). Municipal waste is transformed into responsibly produced energy at Oulun Energia’s ecopower plant. In the future, we will direct waste to be recovered even more efficiently than at present.

Vuoden 2023 kesätyöntekijät ja kesämestari kukkulan huipulla.

Waste treatment and recycling through the eyes of trainees

The 2024 summer jobs are still waiting to be filled. Read how last summer went according to our trainees Krista Paaso, Matias Kiviniemi, Verne Stenius, and Emmi-Noora Peltokangas.

Neljä Syklon työntekijää vihreän kukkulan päällä.

Fascinating experiences at Syklo—the circular economy as a summer job

We asked the labour management trainee Elle Niemistö and Krista Paaso and Samuli Heikkilä, who study environmental engineering, how the circular economy as a summer job was as an experience.

Who are Syklo’s skilled pioneers?