Syklo’s circular economy experts

Who are Syklo’s circular economy experts, in whose hands lay a better tomorrow and a higher degree of circular economy? Get to know our skilled experts as well as our circular economy jobs and come join us in launching the world into a better orbit!

Head of Technology Petteri Asikainen

Petteri Asikainen seisoo ja hymyilee kohti kameraa.
Syklo’s head of technology Petteri Asikainen

Hey! My name is Petteri Asikainen and I work as the head of technology in Syklo’s team. I am a mechatronics engineer and during my career, I have worked with machinery for the pulp and paper industry, equipment for the shipbuilding industry, and fire suppression systems. I have spent the last ten years in development work in the interesting world of circular economy technologies. ♻️

At Syklo, my job is to prepare and implement investment projects, as well as to become proficient in technologies related to expansion projects and to develop new processes into efficient circular economy tools of the future. In addition, I support Syklo’s organisation in developing current material processing operations and improving production efficiency. 🌟

At Syklo, I am proud of the company’s transparent and open-minded approach to new circular economy opportunities and its genuine desire to find and implement completely new solutions to increase the utilisation of raw materials from different types of recycled materials. Syklo doesn’t cling to repeating traditional processing methods.

I gain my everyday superpower by focusing on simple things after a complicated workday or workweek. These include, for example, walking in the woods, playing with old band friends, renovating a moped engine with my elder son, or a badminton match with my younger son. Sometimes even just by relaxing in the outdoor sauna in the peaceful quiet of the countryside… 🌲🔧🏸🧘‍♂️

Managing Director Teemu Koskela

Syklo’s managing director Teemu Koskela

Hi! I am Teemu, 41 years old, father of three and parent of an even bigger family, with a total of seven children, my wife Tiina, and Tyyne the dog. 

I work at Syklo as the managing director. In my work, I want to serve my team and our interest groups with a clear vision, human-centred leadership, and a spirit of doing that respects everyone. Our company is on an expansion path, which requires us to invest not only in the development of current operations, but also in various expansion projects and team building. In all of these things, I am delighted to support my team.

I’m especially proud of my team. It has been great to see our people succeed, grow, and evolve in their work. I believe that with this group and with Syklo’s solutions, we can take our customers toward a circular economy. And beyond! 🙌

Now that it is winter, cross-country skiing and strength training are important personal lifelines for me. I also enjoy the company of my family just by being present. Sometimes I do quite a lot of renovation work as well, but for that, my superpowers can be quickly depleted. Reading gives me satisfaction, especially if the subject is world history or technical trivial knowledge in the form of, for example, 20–30-year-old Tekniikan Maailma magazines.

Partnership Manager Eero Martikainen

Eero Martikainen Syklo
Syklo’s partnership manager Eero Martikainen

Hi! My name is Eero Martikainen and I am Syklo’s partnership manager. My duties include creating new partnership relationships and developing new business operations. 💪

At Syklo, I am proud of the true ambition and courage to advance the circular economy—not to mention the great team and its long-term approach. The circular economy is the most promising solution to global sustainability challenges alongside renewable energy, and together with our partners, we will make it a reality. ♻️

My everyday superpower is the belief that nothing is impossible and everything can be overcome. My power lets me overcome even bigger challenges.

Circular Economy Manager Heikki Harju-Autti

Syklon kiertotalouspäällikkö Heikki Harju-Autti
Syklo’s circular economy manager Heikki Harju-Autti

Circular Economy Manager Heikki Harju-Autti’s work tasks are diverse, including managing customer relationships and partnerships, which in practice means taking care of the waste procurement of the Oulun Energia ecopower plant. 

In addition, Heikki is responsible for the procurement and treatment of ash at Syklo, for example. This means providing a processing service for Oulun Energia’s power plants. Most of Heikki’s working hours take place at the office, but Heikki can also be seen at Rusko’s waste sorting plant.

Heikki is particularly proud of the journey that Syklo has made from ideas and surveys to this point, and of the significant work being done for society as a whole. “It’s great to be able to work on something important for the environment and for all of our futures.”

But what is Heikki’s everyday superpower? “My everyday superpower—in addition to coffee—is definitely that I consider the circular economy to be meaningful and I get to offer customers optimal solutions in this respect. In addition, the fact that I have been tangibly involved in the development of Syklo throughout its whole journey gives meaning to my work.”

Production Engineer Antti Mattila

Syklon tuotantoinsinööri Antti Mattila
Antti Mattila, production engineer at Syklo

Hello! My name is Antti Mattila and I am Syklo’s production engineer. I am responsible for the maintenance and usability of Syklo’s waste sorting plant, as well as for technical development projects. In addition, I carry out a wide range of other tasks related to the circular economy and the operation of the sorting plant, such as procurement, quality control, and reporting. 

At Syklo, I am particularly proud to be involved in circular economy operations whose impact can be felt in all of our everyday lives. At work, my everyday superpower is being in a great team who work together for a common goal.

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