Expansion project coordinator advocate join Syklo

Syklo’s growth-oriented team is strengthening in many ways in order to be able to respond even better to future growth and development goals. Lassi Starck has joined in expansion project analysis

Lassi Starck, joined Syklo’s team. He analyses expansion projects for Syklo and researches the market to find new innovations.

Lassi Starck Syklo - kasvuhankkeet.

Expansion Project Coordinator Lassi Starck.

Starck has helped Syklo with the same work before, having worked as a service manager at Innovestor, responsible for identifying start-up companies and other expansion project services.

“Lassi brings to our team a good dose of entrepreneurial operating methods, extensive experience in the business expansion field, and an analytical approach to assessing expansion targets and market needs,” shares Teemu Koskela, Syklo’s managing director.

For Starck, developing the circular economy and good collaboration with Syklo played an important role in the transition to Syklo:

“I was impressed by my previous experience working with the Syklo team. The circular economy as an industry and the importance of developing it come together at Syklo, and I am happy to be able to promote an issue that is important to me together with Syklo.”

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