Syklo’s new mobile app expedites service and recycling

On 11 December 2023, Syklo is launching its Syklo Community mobile application for its customers, which includes both a mobile app and a desktop mode. The new service channel will improve the logistics chains of waste, increasing the rate of waste recovery and expediting your visit at Syklo’s waste sorting plant in Rusko.

The Syklo Community mobile application has been developed to facilitate service for drivers bringing waste to the sorting plant and to make waste treatment even more transparent with the help of data collected for freight forwarders. The app allows drivers to pre-register loads, expedite weighing, and track load history.

Drivers are able to use the app to log every step of their loads. In addition, the app allows drivers to generate data for the suppliers on all delivered waste. Thanks to the generated data, freight forwarders can monitor the amount of waste they deliver, the quality of the waste or how it has changed, and, in the future, what has been produced from the company’s waste after sorting.

“In the first phase, we launched solutions that make service easier for the drivers. Our goal is that drivers can take care of all the steps that need to be logged, from delivering the waste to leaving the sorting plant, through this app. The app will significantly improve and facilitate service at the sorting plant,” says Elle Niemistö, production manager at Syklo.

The application also plays a significant role in increasing the rate of recycling at the sorting plant, as it enables Syklo to better manage the incoming material flows and their quality.

“From the app, the customer can easily see what kinds of fractions they can bring to us and what the quality requirements of the loads are. Our goal is to make the waste recovery of materials more efficient,” outlines Heikki Harju-Autti, circular economy manager.

In the future, the mobile application will be developed based on accumulated user feedback.

“After launching the app, we will start developing the freight forwarding side, which will enable companies to have access to modern reports on waste treatment. As a result of the development, the app will make it easier for companies to make responsibility reports, for example. In addition, we continuously monitor user feedback on the app and continuously develop the app based on customer feedback,” states Teemu Koskela, managing director at Syklo.

Start using the Syklo Community mobile app and take part in the raffle! The mobile app will be free to download from app stores starting on 11 December 2023

The app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices and can be found in app stores under the name Syklo Community. Freight forwarders can access the desktop mode on our website. Freight forwarders can also use the customised data side on the mobile app.

Syklo’s contract customers can get the most out of the app when it is used by both drivers and freight forwarders. Those who use the app and have registered their loads through the app will automatically participate in a raffle for giveaways that will take place in January 2024.

All app users will participate in the draw for an Ooni pizza oven and a Polar smartwatch. In addition, everybody who has registered their load through the mobile app will receive a pair of high-quality work gloves.