Fire at Syklo waste sorting plant

The swift and resourceful actions taken by employees and the fire brigade prevented major damage

A fire broke out at the Syklo waste sorting plant in Rusko, Oulu, on Friday, 2 September, 2022 around half past nine. The fire was extinguished with the exceptional cooperation of the Syklo employees and the fire brigade. Most importantly, there were no personal injuries.

The fire originated from the plant’s metal separation process and damaged the adjoining belt conveyors, magnet, and electrical cabling. A more detailed investigation and analysis of the cause of the fire is currently ongoing.

According to a preliminary estimate, the disruption to the production caused by repairs to the processing equipment will last a week. We aim to minimise the inconveniences caused to customer operations.

The excellent control and management of the situation is due to Syklo’s competent employees and the fire brigade crews, who served in an exemplary manner.

Additional information:

Teemu Koskela
managing director
Syklo Oy
+358 50 400 8721